Our Mission: To Entertain The World

Our Mission: To Entertain The World – We are an award-winning, independent developer of interactive entertainment based near dallas, texas. Founded in February 1999 by gaming industry veterans and to this day led by its founding developers, gearbox software has distinguished itself as one of the most respected and recognized independent video game makers in the world.

The diverse and passionate members of the Gearbox Software team share a common identity – we feel made to manage our time and talents to bring joy, fun and happiness to our customers through our expertise.

Our Mission: To Entertain The World

Since our inception and our first release, Half-Life: Opposing Force, the talented developers at Gearbox Software have loved creating video games for some of the most exciting and respected brands on the planet.

The Gearbox Software Team has also created original, owned and managed brands including the award-winning and best-selling Brothers in Arms series and the record-breaking, genre-breaking Borderlands franchise. In addition, Gearbox Software has acquired other major video game properties including the Duke Nukem and Homeworld brands.

With all the franchises it owns, the folks at Gearbox Software enjoy driving and managing an in-depth portfolio of licensed and internally produced add-ons including video games, comic books, action figures, clothing, artwork, fiction novels, non-fiction reference books. , and linear media content for film and television.

Ultimately, Gearbox Software is a family of talented, inventive, and passionate individuals who want to collaborate with intelligent, committed and capable people with character qualities who want to inspire and be inspired – who care about creativity, happiness and passion. to be extraordinary. , interesting and exciting things that our customers find so valuable that we can learn lessons from shared experiences and share together in the rewards of a job well done.

Our Mission: To Entertain The World

We Make Games You Love Playing
Over the years, Gearbox Software has created some of the most memorable and iconic franchises, characters, and experiences in video game history. Here are some of the franchises we’ve created from scratch – games you know, love, and keep coming back for.

Gearbox Software Over the Years
Since our founding in 1999, we’ve been creating content across genres, subject matter and platforms – entertaining the world in the process. Our legacy is defined by the entertainment we love to create for the world. While we’re definitely not new to the world, we invite you to see how we got to where we are today.

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